Depot 48 Painting

Case study

When walls become big sized paintings.



Painting a 4 meters wall


Andreas Husballe had this great idea of a painting and wanted to try it out on a wall. In Viborg theres this parkour place, Depot 48, where he trains along with his friends. Street Arena manages the place. Since its a chilled out place, with positive attitude towards art and relaxed environment, he proposed to Kasper Funk (Street Arena) if he could paint something cool in one of its walls. Kasper gave it green light. Andreas asked me to help him out with it. We also had a brief help from Christyan Lundblad.

The method was simple: project the image on the wall and paint it over. It took 2 days to do it.


It was a very interesting project because of its scale. We learned how to make it fast and easier by optimizing our method of painting and what brushes work best for the task .

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