Hear it

Case study

“Hear-it.org is a non-commercial web site and has been established to increase public awareness of hearing loss. Hear-it.org is one of the world’s leading and most comprehensive websites on hearing, hearing loss and tinnitus and how to treat and live with hearing loss or tinnitus.”


Creating an info-animation about causes and signs of hearing loss. We also were asked to improve and optimize the youtube channel.


We were approached by Hear-it to make short and easy to understand animation videos about hearing loss and the signs of hearing loss.

They should be short mostly because the shorter it is (with all the points you need to show) the bigger the percentage of the viewers to see it until the end. The first 15 to 30 secs are very important mainly because if you show the information the right way, is more likely that they will see the rest of the video.

They should be easy to understand because when you want to talk about a complex or difficult subject it needs to be clear and to be understood by the target group if not beyond it.

For the youtube channel, we worked on its layout, appearance and added specific keywords.  Not only the videos are important and serve as an educational tool that can be shared by many but the channel is an important platform for the ones that search for that kind of information there.



2D animation with graphical elements.


We started by doing the animatic and after it was approved we started developing the style.

Girl ageeing design

Character at a party situation

Since we had around a minute to show all the information, the animation needed to be simple and the elements being shown, needed to be easy to understand. That’s why we choose this animated infographic style with very graphical elements.


With this project we learned to spot signs of hearing loss and what can cause it. It is very useful information because by knowing the causes and signs we can avoid hearing problems in the future.